Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here I am in 1999 after just landing in Cancun with my wife on our honeymoon. I believe that I had already had a couple of cheap Sol's which is why I look glassy eyed. There's nothing wrong with a couple of tasty beverages on my honeymoon is there?

So after spending so much time going through the process of choosing a url because was taken. They publish it anyway at FRUSTRATION!!!

my address is nowhere to be found. Or maybe I'm just new, probably both.


I started a blog one late night a long time ago on some other system and never followed up on it. Somewhere out there in cyberspace another blog exists sitting empty or full for that matter not exactly sure since I don't have the address anymore. So here I go again, this time much more determined to blab to the masses (me being overly optimistic).

I formally request that there be no comments on grammar as this will be a grammar deficient blog so to my favorite grade 4 teacher Mrs. Pound I say sorry and to all other monday morning language editing quarterbacks I say hit the bricks cause I'm breakin all the rules and there's nothing you can do about it.

So just trying to set up a name for this thing was a pain. You see I consider myself creative enough but to stop all you are doing and to come up with a name for a blog just seemed to be more effort than should be required. Not to mention that it made me feel like the last person on the planet to start a blog and have to name it. Let me know what you think of my hard work. All I did was call it the name of my consulting company. Fusedlogic Inc.

Spyonmars was an early attempt at setting up a pure web cam streaming site back when streaming was in it's infancy and the word portal still referred to ship windows. Tsunami was just getting started. We of course found out that people may not necessarily want their spouses seeing them out with the hot babe or hunk on the side at the local watering hole. All sorts of privacy issues and insurance shut us down. Now people are clammering to sit in front of a web cam and do the most stupid things they can think of, not to mention showing places on their body you don't talk about at parties. Freaks, hotties, geeks, jocks, stumps, boneheads and of course the average joe, (sorry joe) now all stand in front of a web cam for instant ego satisfaction. I of course have yet to use my web cam on a daily basis but if I did I would consider myself someone who would fit comfortably in my own description above.

I recently discovered and as a person who likes to take photo's but has no formal training this allows me to upload photo's at will. Highly cool. for those of you curious to see what I'm talking about.