Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comscore report says integrate video...

ComScore released an eye-opening report that shows that nearly 1 billion search results each and every month now contain an "Universal Search" result. Universal Search results are defined as anything other than a standard web result or paid search result, such as video, maps, local information, news, weather, etc. And its clear that video is playing a large part in those results.

From Small Business SEM:

  • of 1.2 billion queries, 220 million contained a universal result
  • 16% of total clicks involved a universal result
  • 87 million people searched, 58% saw a Universal result (38% of people saw video, 34% news, 19% images, 10% maps/stocks/weather)

This change in search results bodes well for local advertisers that take advantage of video as part of their online marketing strategy. By leveraging video local business has a better opportunity of appearing higher in universal search results. Video can also be included in map results and local results making video a multi-faceted search improver.

In addition to inclusion in Universal Search video remains a powerful branding and direct response medium for the web for small businesses. As Universal Search becomes more prominent video benefits will continue to grow as a vital part of online marketing for small businesses.

Here's a link to the Turnhere blog where the above post comes from, please excuse my laziness on a Saturday. However, the fact remains that if you're a small business owner, Realtor or any organization for that matter who wants to increase your is here to stay. Our push at fusedlogic in this area is paying dividends for our clients and ourselves. View the fusedlogic youtube channel here.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Edmonton Alberta Real Estate Developer - Mark Martel

Mark Martel, an Edmonton Real Estate developer and member of my Facebook group agrees to talk to me about Facebook, social networking and Real Estate, also mentioning that he's looking forward to attending our seminar on this subject too. This is a good chat despite the low light conditions.

Alberta Business Link Testimonials...

Interesting...whenever you put a camera in the middle of a room, people start to get nervous. Especially, for those folks not used to being in front of one that much. Such was the case at the Business Link the other day. I sprung on the audience at the end of my presentation that I was willing to provide everyone with an opportunity to promote their business.

Of course when it comes time to step in front of the camera even after waiting in line, some folks kind of struggled to come up with what they wanted to say. Hit the record button and they freeze. Even though it seems simple to say something about the event itself and their business , it can still be a challenge.

It was very nice to meet everyone and for the ones who did decide to step in front of the camera, I provided them with a quick reference list of things they might like to mention just to unlock their brains. Things like their name, what they thought of the presentation (good or bad), the company they owned, worked for etc...and anything else they wanted to say...

In Nancy Chan's case she was very excited with being offered the opportunity to speak in front of the camera, that said, English is a second language for Nancy so imagine putting the above described pressure on top of struggling a bit with the language and I think Nancy did extremely well. Yes, she did take a minute to collect her thoughts and write them down and I wouldn't for a second fault her for that, even the most polished of speakers work with scripts. She is no less genuine and in fact really surprised me with her enthusiasm...she's terrific as was the entire audience.

But thank-you "Anonymous" for your positive good karma feed back and comments...some people I guess just insist in being negative, skeptical and just generally rude...what is it with people anyway?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Edmonton, Alberta Business Link

I had the pleasure once again to present at the Business Link yesterday and there was a great crowd from all walks of life. Here's what a few of them had to say...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Walter Schwabe Featured in Singapore e-zine

A small but interesting case in point that relationships can be built via social networking, if done properly. Awhile back I joined and through that and other social networking sites i met a really great lady from Singapore - Ange Teo. (By the way, email Ange and she can send you a copy of the e-zine). One of her business ventures, (she's very busy) is all related to "cross cultural consulting". To further her cause, she recently launched a new e-zine (very good idea and social object) and asked me if I'd like to be the inaugural feature, flattered, I of course said "yes". You can watch the two part video interview here.

This ongoing exchange with Ange is a also a tremendous opportunity for both of us to pursue other business related opportunities. In fact, we're currently talking about several ideas that make sense for us both...stay tuned you never know there may be a fusedlogic blog post coming from Singapore soon, right Ange?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Edmonton Alberta Real Estate Agent Judy Clare Packer

In this youtube video, I had the opportunity to interview Judy of Edmonton's leading Real Estate team ReMax Excellence and ask her some questions regarding her profession. As well as, questions regarding social networking and whether she thought that social networking, facebook were gaining importance within her industry. This video is 7+ minutes long...and it's informative...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Calgary, Alberta, Real Estate, Facebook, Social Networks

How many of you manage more than one social networking profile? How many of you manage more than one profile in addition to being on facebook? Here's some interesting findings on the fact that many of us have multiple personalities.

Alberta Real Estate, Edmonton, Facebook, Social Networking

The overwhelming majority choose facebook as their definition of social media.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Edmonton Alberta Real Estate - More Targeted Buyers

After having visited I was able to identify some stats on the Edmonton housing market. We talk about how Real Estate pros should generate interest from targeted buyers rather than simple leads.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alberta Real Estate Association, facebook, more business

There are many reasons to attend this impactful seminar on April 8th in Edmonton. Here's another.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Curvature of the Earth

A flawless full-day of travel is essentially over and now I'm skyping a bunch of people to ensure that tomorrow's presentation goes as planned. I love Skype, this is where it really shines...

It's also very cool to look out the porthole of the airplane and see the curvature of the Earth at 34,000 feet...very cool and I never get tired of that...reminds me that we're really very small, that the Earth is pretty large despite being on a business level much, much smaller than in the past...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Web 2.0, social networking and tourism

A whole new level of opportunity to promote a region exists when a tourism department embraces social networking.

Here's how:

  1. Here is a blog focused on widgets and 2.0 travel sites, there is an ever growing amount of online tools to use for travel, the consumer and corporations in the travel industry are aware of these, I'm wondering about your local government tourism department or agency.
  2. Web2.0 traveling enthusiast - this is a person who travels to various conventions and conferences on the subject. Tourism departments have to love these and tap into them if they can. Imagine if you're the head of the tourism department for my family's favorite holiday destination. A place where we like to...vacaciones en busca de sol y relajaciĆ³n. Imagine if PV tourism got together to attract a major conference on the subject to truly be successful they'd have to become experts in Web 2.0 technology and social networking techniques to reach the audience.
  3. Power for smaller locales exists because IF they can better understand what tools travelers are using to book trips and investigate getaways they'll be in a position to, well, position themselves better. For example, pay attention to these sites for geotagging - wikimapia - geotagging the world. Here's my flickr profile - admitedly I've been ignoring it because facebook is now the place I share pictures - largest picture sharing site on the internet by their stats.

There's much more on this subject but it's Sunday and I'm headed to the Shriners Circus with my family, that said, one final note. If you were part of this agency...wouldn't you want to ensure your 2.0 strategy was in full force?

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Web 2.0 viral marketing for beer...

I enjoy this video for several can all speculate as to what those are...

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Announcement...

Have you ever been curious about those "affiliate programs"?

Over the last year or two I've been fielding the occasional question regarding affiliate programs...Are they real? Do they work? Are they scams? How do you do it? Does it take a lot of time? My answer has always been pretty much the same, I've never worked one of these programs and so I don't really know, it's really all about driving traffic and selling information though, so it's quite possible they do work.

And there sure seems to be a lot of various types out there. Someone must be making money but is it happening on a legit basis? Is there value there? Can you really become wealthy using these systems? Are they scams or legitimate online businesses? My personal reaction has always been one of "slickster", "amateurish" and non-credible when I come across one of these sites.

So as is the case many times in my consulting life, I've decided to investigate further and turn it into a project. This issue is now an adventure and case study with me as the "lab rat". I will publish the majority of the results for free for you to follow and learn from should you care.

I say majority because afterall this is going to take some of my money, time and effort and that has value. So, the portion that I will charge for will be two fold. Obviously if you want to use the same system as me there's a very small fee that the system charges. Second, I'll be charging again a small fee for a large video series and support material that I'll be producing which will involve the step by step happenings in much more detail for those who are serious about the idea and concept but want to study it more before they commit this series will be available for download. There will be no hype with this program just the straight goods, filled with accountability along with any improvements, if any, that I've made along the way.

Regardless everyone will be well aware of the overall results on a pass or fail basis and to what extent this "online home business" has performed. You'll see me win or you'll see me lose.

Yesterday was DAY ONE and as the first step, I've selected a program. For those risk-takers in the audience you can download this large body of information immediately for....wait for it.....US$50.00, which is called the "Stealth Money Maker". If you want to start it up as a business like I did you'll have to pay an additional one time fee of US$27.75. I considered this to be very reasonably priced for what I saw was very good value. After having seen the amount of material, I was pleasantly surprised. Bare in mind that I haven't yet read, watched or listened to all the material because it's going to take awhile just to download every zip file included in the package. Which can be done at my own pace with no time pressure.

I picked this system because of the massive amount of value built into it in terms of information you can purchase, not because of the name or the website design, which by affiliate standards is pretty much just as cheesy as most of them and again, that said, they seem to work.

So far, I can report that the Stealth Money Maker has delivered exactly as promised.

Also, I've taken the opportunity to learn more about wordpress as a blogging platform and have set up a new blog specifically just for this project. Quick short posts I promise.

This is where I'll be revealing all of my progress day to come along.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Everyone Just Stop For A Moment...

Originally at the behest of my wife Tracy, I began reading a book she bought for me called A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose written by Eckhart Tolle. Yes this is the recent book made famous by Oprah's Book Club.

I'm currently on page 14, so it's very early and that said, already I'm inspired to write about a thought that has come to mind. Tolle talks about transcending to a new level of consciousness, leaving the "mad mind" consistent with our "normal" state. This is the dark element that starts wars, fights, crime etc...and he is essentially correct in saying that it is a dysfunction of the human condition, because as humans we are also capable of such beautiful things and acts of wonder.

I was struck by a similarity between the "mad mind" and those inner struggles that business people confront everyday. Fear of the unknown, fear of not being able to survive, succeed, make something as simple as a deadline, battles with their egos, their self-confidence, their belief system and the constant pursuit of that source of bravery that everyone has in abundance but rarely if ever taps into. We expend so much energy in this state of mind. I know not only because of my own battles here but also because this is where I spend a great deal of my time with my clients. Tough to move forward with the right business strategy if we have all this baggage underneath.

We forget while in the rut of the daily grind that what we really need to do is rise above that unproductive white's kind of like not sweating the little things so much. I could go on here for sometime re this train of thought but instead, I want to challenge you the reader.

Take a "zen day", reconnect with what's really important, establish a new level of calmness about your business and yourself.

I believe success is a choice, I choose to be successful each and every day, this is a good reminder that I also choose to be at peace while achieving that success. So many others don't and it shows in their results and general happiness.

Your next level of success will require a new state of consciousness.

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