Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Walter Schwabe Featured in Singapore e-zine

A small but interesting case in point that relationships can be built via social networking, if done properly. Awhile back I joined xing.com and through that and other social networking sites i met a really great lady from Singapore - Ange Teo. (By the way, email Ange and she can send you a copy of the e-zine). One of her business ventures, (she's very busy) is all related to "cross cultural consulting". To further her cause, she recently launched a new e-zine (very good idea and social object) and asked me if I'd like to be the inaugural feature, flattered, I of course said "yes". You can watch the two part video interview here.

This ongoing exchange with Ange is a also a tremendous opportunity for both of us to pursue other business related opportunities. In fact, we're currently talking about several ideas that make sense for us both...stay tuned you never know there may be a fusedlogic blog post coming from Singapore soon, right Ange?

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, Walter. Similarly, there might just be a "the blue marble" Canuck blog post edition too :)

Seriously, bless Web 2.0. Without it, we would not even have this conversation. And we would not even talk about THE NetWorking e-Zine too.

Many thanks for the mention too.

Ange T.