Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Announcement...

Have you ever been curious about those "affiliate programs"?

Over the last year or two I've been fielding the occasional question regarding affiliate programs...Are they real? Do they work? Are they scams? How do you do it? Does it take a lot of time? My answer has always been pretty much the same, I've never worked one of these programs and so I don't really know, it's really all about driving traffic and selling information though, so it's quite possible they do work.

And there sure seems to be a lot of various types out there. Someone must be making money but is it happening on a legit basis? Is there value there? Can you really become wealthy using these systems? Are they scams or legitimate online businesses? My personal reaction has always been one of "slickster", "amateurish" and non-credible when I come across one of these sites.

So as is the case many times in my consulting life, I've decided to investigate further and turn it into a project. This issue is now an adventure and case study with me as the "lab rat". I will publish the majority of the results for free for you to follow and learn from should you care.

I say majority because afterall this is going to take some of my money, time and effort and that has value. So, the portion that I will charge for will be two fold. Obviously if you want to use the same system as me there's a very small fee that the system charges. Second, I'll be charging again a small fee for a large video series and support material that I'll be producing which will involve the step by step happenings in much more detail for those who are serious about the idea and concept but want to study it more before they commit this series will be available for download. There will be no hype with this program just the straight goods, filled with accountability along with any improvements, if any, that I've made along the way.

Regardless everyone will be well aware of the overall results on a pass or fail basis and to what extent this "online home business" has performed. You'll see me win or you'll see me lose.

Yesterday was DAY ONE and as the first step, I've selected a program. For those risk-takers in the audience you can download this large body of information immediately for....wait for it.....US$50.00, which is called the "Stealth Money Maker". If you want to start it up as a business like I did you'll have to pay an additional one time fee of US$27.75. I considered this to be very reasonably priced for what I saw was very good value. After having seen the amount of material, I was pleasantly surprised. Bare in mind that I haven't yet read, watched or listened to all the material because it's going to take awhile just to download every zip file included in the package. Which can be done at my own pace with no time pressure.

I picked this system because of the massive amount of value built into it in terms of information you can purchase, not because of the name or the website design, which by affiliate standards is pretty much just as cheesy as most of them and again, that said, they seem to work.

So far, I can report that the Stealth Money Maker has delivered exactly as promised.

Also, I've taken the opportunity to learn more about wordpress as a blogging platform and have set up a new blog specifically just for this project. Quick short posts I promise.

This is where I'll be revealing all of my progress day to come along.

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