Friday, March 28, 2008

Alberta Business Link Testimonials...

Interesting...whenever you put a camera in the middle of a room, people start to get nervous. Especially, for those folks not used to being in front of one that much. Such was the case at the Business Link the other day. I sprung on the audience at the end of my presentation that I was willing to provide everyone with an opportunity to promote their business.

Of course when it comes time to step in front of the camera even after waiting in line, some folks kind of struggled to come up with what they wanted to say. Hit the record button and they freeze. Even though it seems simple to say something about the event itself and their business , it can still be a challenge.

It was very nice to meet everyone and for the ones who did decide to step in front of the camera, I provided them with a quick reference list of things they might like to mention just to unlock their brains. Things like their name, what they thought of the presentation (good or bad), the company they owned, worked for etc...and anything else they wanted to say...

In Nancy Chan's case she was very excited with being offered the opportunity to speak in front of the camera, that said, English is a second language for Nancy so imagine putting the above described pressure on top of struggling a bit with the language and I think Nancy did extremely well. Yes, she did take a minute to collect her thoughts and write them down and I wouldn't for a second fault her for that, even the most polished of speakers work with scripts. She is no less genuine and in fact really surprised me with her enthusiasm...she's terrific as was the entire audience.

But thank-you "Anonymous" for your positive good karma feed back and comments...some people I guess just insist in being negative, skeptical and just generally rude...what is it with people anyway?

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