Monday, April 28, 2008

Twitter, Guy Kawasaki, recommendation

So I've been really engaging in twitter these last couple of days and have taken the opportunity to follow Guy Kawasaki and his comments. He recommended a new site just a bit ago called, a company he has an affiliation with. I referred us to another blog and after a quick review it seems to be kind of cool, both the blog and alltop. I'll let you make your own judgments.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The State of Web 2.0 in Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Recently, I've been asked to write an article in a quarterly magazine called "Propel", a Web 2.0 focused publication about to launch this coming June here in Alberta. First of all, I'm honored to be a part of such a cool project and second I'm excited at the prospect of having further opportunity to communicate my ever growing affection for this "Internet revolution" as Seth Godin calls it. My passion lies with explaining to you the small business owner that if you as a business haven't yet figured you should be paying attention to this phenomenon, you're so far behind now it's....well....sick. There's already large 2.0 dot coms being bought out like crazy that's an indication of the maturity of those communities and general state of trends to come.

Another exciting happenstance is that June will be about the time my new book should be launching. Resulting in what I think will be even more excellent opportunities galore as a result of this alignment of the stars. I can literally feel the energy converging in a positive way, things are clicking, falling into place and flowing nicely.

That said, I'm under a steep deadline now like so many other writers. This means I gotta go folks. Have an awesome and profitable day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Calgary Alberta Real Estate Agent, Facebook Seminar

Jeff, a Calgary Alberta Real Estate agent attended our Disruptor School and was nice enough to send us a video recommendation. Thanks very much Jeff, we were very happy to host you in Edmonton to talk about branding, social media and facebook.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Edmonton Alberta Real Estate, Facebook Seminar

Here's just a bit of tooting our own horn at fusedlogic inc and ClearpathSEO...

Yesterday morning was our Disruptor School Facebook seminar for the Alberta Real Estate industry and Edmonton and Sherwood Park area small business. In the audience we had folks up from Calgary, members of the Sherwood Park and District Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce members, Realtors, Real Estate investors, property managers, the Edmonton Journal, mortgage specialists, McDonald's, sales people from the print and sign industries as well.

Disruptor School Seminar Satisfaction Ratings:
1. A Disaster
2. Forgettable
3. A Good Job
4. Terrific
5. Excellent
1 = 0
2 = 0
3 = 9
4 = 42
5 = 70
AVERAGE: Overall feeling of attendee satisfaction: 4.5 out of 5
Every single respondent said "YES" they would recommend this seminar to a business colleague.
92.9 % of respondents said they would attend another seminar.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Alberta Business Link, ClearpathSEO presentation

David, is talking about search marketing, search engine optimization and the differences between the two of them. Pay per click versus strategically positioning campaigns.
Talking about sponsored listing where you purchase that search phrase. Google commands nearly 80% of all search in the Canadian search market. Yahoo is only about 13% by comparison.

80% of all B to B offline sales is researched online first. More people use Google to find business coordinates than the Yellowpages...

Think about searching local listings and you as a business can subscribe to those local search result, this is a free service for page one listings.

So how do set up a online search marketing campaign?
Step one: Know and understand your customer
Step two: Pick keyword phrases that your customer is going to understand.
Step three: Pick and customize your landing page for each phrase. Every page should be treated as if they're a landing page.
Step four: Pick your demographics.
Step five: Write an ad that will entice targeted clicks but eliminate unecessary clicks. Be specific.
Step six: Pick key word phrases that specifically match the ad campaign.
Step seven: De-select the "content network"...this is the section of ad's on the side. You'll blow your budget quickly if you don't do this.
Step eight: Create as many ad campaigns as you have keyword phrases and land them on unique landing pages.

Now we're going to to walk through setting up a campaign. We're setting up a campaign for Grant Macewan College.

We're setting up the demographics and locations associated with this campaign. Pick the type of ad, such as text, image, mobile, local business ad etc...

The headline is "Summer Business Schedule" with the description "Advance our education at work."

Google pulls in keywords, be specific and you may not find the ones you this case all the keywords are about "grants" which is not what we want to target. We can use geographic locations as a starting point. We're picking "business education" that are tight selections, "continuing education" is also selected. You may even misspell your search criteria just to expand your reach.

A question: How do you do your keyword research? Use your toolbar or search "Google suggest" punch in your keyword phrases to do some research. Google trends works too but it's older information, type in two competing phrases to see which will be more effective for your campaign. Cool graphs. is the location for this service.

Does google tell you how many people are using the same key words? Answer: yes, check out the key traffic estimator. This is how you test your predicted budget and pay per click results...picking the keyword phrase that will allow you to stay within your budget.

To monitor your campaign, use google analytics and insert your analytics code right in your website. If your adword campaign isn't getting you business then why do

Now we're moving to Facebook (here's my page feel free to join.) to take a look at the ad word system there.

We're looking at how to set up a Facebook ad campaign. Click "business" at the bottom of the page to see all the different opportunities for you as a business owner.

We're going through the targeting system on the ad campaign system. We're targeting over "35 yrs of age in Edmonton". We're playing with the targeting elements, keywords, ages and so on...

There are ways to watch and measure your Facebook ad program with their internal analytics...

Also, make sure you set your budget and a low one per day budget.

Now we're out of David[at]

My friend David Cree, ClearpathSEO

It is with pleasure that I mention to you that I'm a friend and business colleague of David Cree, he's the owner of ClearpathSEO (among other ventures soon to be announced). I'm currently sitting in the crowd here at the Business Link and waiting in anticipation for David to start his presentation on SEO and online marketing. He and I are collaborating as many of you may know by now on the Disruptor School seminar series.

The room is filling as we speak and David is saying hello to everyone...

We've been brainstorming on new ideas and certainly David has some great ones as the coming weeks will prove. I find that he and I get along really well despite the fact that we're both creative leaders and take action types...there is much more to this story moving forward.

The exciting thing will be when we match his Russian development team and my guys from around the world to collaborate on some really cool ideas...really bright times ahead to be sure...

Ok, I'm going to listen now...I'll report back later...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Edmonton real estate agents

Opportunity for Edmonton real estate agents

Facebook, marketing and you: How to do it

Media release – For immediate release

Edmonton, AB – March 27, 2008 - Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook these days and it seems like everyone is on it, but how useful is it as a marketing tool? How useful could it be for your business?

Right now, Facebook is almost untapped as a marketing tool. You have the opportunity to get into this growing advertising medium and learn why it and other forms of social networking are very important ways marketing will be done in the future, and are being done now.

“Facebook, bar none, is the most effective marketing tool available today,” said David Cree, owner of Clearpath SEO. “We know there are approximately 90,000 Albertans in the market to buy a new home who are using Facebook on a regular basis.”

Consider that one million Albertans use Facebook and log in an average of 2.6 times per day. Of those users, 29 per cent are in the 25-34 age range and 26 per cent are over 35. How old are your typical customers?

Clearpath SEO and Fused Logic have teamed up to bring Edmonton real estate agents this seminar on using Facebook as a marketing tool, but the principles apply to any business.

The seminar will focus on how you can use Facebook and other forms of social media to increase your brand recognition, credibility and business. You will come away from the seminar with many leading edge marketing ideas and a guide full of tactics and strategies.

When: Tuesday April 8, 2008

Time: 9:00 AM - Noon

Where: Greenwood Inn and Suites, 4485 Gateway Blvd., Edmonton

Investment: $99.00 per attendee booked in advance, online or $149.00 at the door. ***(max 60 people)

For more information and to register, please contact:

David Cree 780-233-0360 david[at], or

Walter Schwabe 780-909-9787 info[at]

About Clearpath SEO

We can improve your online marketing efforts by getting your sites higher ranking, more traffic and better results. We specialize in pay per click Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook marketing and search engine optimization, as well as web analytics, link popularity, site audits, conversion consulting and website architecture consulting.

About Fused Logic

fusedlogic specializes in developing business growth strategies, which include Web 2.0 technologies and social networking elements such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing. The eight-year-old Alberta company is owned by Walter Schwabe and is located in Sherwood Park.

We will be reserving several seats for media who would like to attend this seminar.

Please contact us in advance if you would like to attend.