Saturday, March 29, 2008

Comscore report says integrate video...

ComScore released an eye-opening report that shows that nearly 1 billion search results each and every month now contain an "Universal Search" result. Universal Search results are defined as anything other than a standard web result or paid search result, such as video, maps, local information, news, weather, etc. And its clear that video is playing a large part in those results.

From Small Business SEM:

  • of 1.2 billion queries, 220 million contained a universal result
  • 16% of total clicks involved a universal result
  • 87 million people searched, 58% saw a Universal result (38% of people saw video, 34% news, 19% images, 10% maps/stocks/weather)

This change in search results bodes well for local advertisers that take advantage of video as part of their online marketing strategy. By leveraging video local business has a better opportunity of appearing higher in universal search results. Video can also be included in map results and local results making video a multi-faceted search improver.

In addition to inclusion in Universal Search video remains a powerful branding and direct response medium for the web for small businesses. As Universal Search becomes more prominent video benefits will continue to grow as a vital part of online marketing for small businesses.

Here's a link to the Turnhere blog where the above post comes from, please excuse my laziness on a Saturday. However, the fact remains that if you're a small business owner, Realtor or any organization for that matter who wants to increase your is here to stay. Our push at fusedlogic in this area is paying dividends for our clients and ourselves. View the fusedlogic youtube channel here.

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