Friday, October 06, 2006

1 million lives changed by mandate. amazing.

there it is in black and white. the new mandate. amazing. for fusedlogic.

fusedlogic is now offering a brand new business acceleration framework or "performance architecture" called mandate. amazing.

this is our primary service offering and the above statement communicates what we intend to do with it. i would like to accomplish that in under (3) years and so that's our timeline.

in order to get the job done we need to employ several different tactics. our primary approaches will involve alliance building and effective partnering...

we've been working on this for some time now and so many alliances have been already identified and when we're successful in structuring those deals they'll provide more than the 1 million lives target i believe...we just have to be persistent and diligent.

this is incredibly exciting for me personally as this is the culmination of a couple years of work and now that's its finally ready for client consumption i feel like i've already won...

stay tuned...

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