Wednesday, April 25, 2007


question: what is the intrinsic value of an application such as twitter?

does it help to quell this massive desire that many people online have to communicate in some form of community environment and just facilitate that on a per second basis through multiple submission mediums?

it's true, as human beings we have always had a need to congregate, the internet in many ways allows for that need to be fulfilled in a multitude of ways. web2.0 is very much about software and code enabling that urge in my opinion...companies are launching new apps with the primary purpose of building communities of communicators...nothing wrong with that i suppose. there's now an entire micro-economy built up that allows lot's of people who do nothing to do something to generate revenue with the limited time they have away from doing nothing, not a bad gig if you can get it...

now admittedly i'm a complete neophyte blogger, i break all sorts of so called rules within the blogosphere as to how to be a professional and respected blogger type person, such as the now famous scoble........... or his obscene, perverse and yet oddly effective buddy macleod at gapingvoid . a blog i've been following for sometime... and admire his unique take on this medium, i don't necessarily agree with his explicitness relating to his self-professed failed sex life, however, i suppose that's part of the uniqueness that is hugh (shown below).

i'm not and don't suggest to be a professional blogger (not even close)...i simply don't have the time, nor the skill. that said, here i am rapping keys for the purpose of communicating a thought via this medium, why, because it's so technically easy to do (that's good for me)...poorly done many might say, but who really cares?

so how would twitter put more money in my corporate bank account? i'm not sure that it does other than to study it, first the technology, then maybe understand human nature a bit better and then apply that knowledge on behalf of my's an interesting new entry in the digital ecosystem and it's way too early to tell what precise impact it will have past wasting time and telling people about how you just dumped your cheerios down your pajama bottoms in real time.

i suppose this could fall into the category of a new definition of "open source"...not open source as in the code, but as in the source of open communication...(lot's of the mundane is meet me in central park for a salad) but still "open source communication".

much like what lenn pryor was thinking when he started channel 9 at microsoft as described in april's issue of wired magazine. which was arguably the platform for scoble to gain much of his fame before he left...

regardless, this is an interesting thing to ponder and watch...maybe even participate in...we'll see...i don't think that i need another voluntary husband tracker...i already have a blackberry. my wife is actually really great, and isn't at all that type of person, that's just one of many reasons why i love her so much...i know, you're shedding a tear right now aren't you?


hugh macleod said...

To paraphrase Harold Wilson's comment about political careers:

"All sex lives end in failure" ;-)

waltman said...

true, but it's a fun ride while it lasts...thanks for stopping by - i'm honored.