Monday, August 13, 2007

very boring blog, doughboy...

here is a well thought out and intelligent comment submitted about my blog recently by "yeah".

"Yeah, okay.... Whee.... Yawn.... Later, much. Now go ahed and delete this, since you're unlikely to put it on your very boring blog, doughboy."

i have to thank...the "anonymous" writer known only as "yeah" (quoted above, spelling error included) who sent it because truth be told i've been ignoring my blogging duties as of late...this summer has been very busy for fusedlogic and this little entry has prompted me to get back after it..."boring" as it might be.

those of you who have actually read my blog for any amount of time, first of all let me say "thank-you", you know that i write not for the likes of superficial mr. or ms. "yeah" but rather for a much more accomplished audience, one that has a soul and a deeper understanding of the world at large and who has an opinion as to how it ought to be.

unfortunately the world is filled with "yeah" types and you and i are burdened with the task of tolerating them and demonstrating patience while waiting for them to pass through adolescence...clearly the above comment is this person's best to all of the "yeah" types who stumble across my boring blog, i, "doughboy" will speak to you in terms you can understand and say "later, much!"

if you want to be taken seriously, be brave, let us know who you are and offer up your blog for the same indepth analysis and level of scrutiny as you've shown mine. feel free to be as critical as you like...just do it with some intelligence and offer a reasonable argument on a point to which i can actually respond to.

and frankly, my blog may in spots be boring to some, however, one thing it's certainly not is cowardly...

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