Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Are you busy this Christmas season?

It always amazes me at how many business clients talk about how slow the christmas season is and still they do nothing about it. No innovative marketing push in Oct/Nov to set up Dec and Jan. Rather than complain and stay awake at night I've chosen to push as hard as possible and that has translated into a very busy Christmas season so far. This really isn't rocket science, I've committed to some marketing initiatives that are generating results and once the formula has been proven to work I stick with it. Turn it over again and again. Sure we're doing some seasonal marketing now to augment the norm as a final push for the year. We found it was a challenge to set our client Christmas season message apart from all the others in some way and still stay grounded in simplicity with the proper positioning. My suggestion is to do something a little different from last year if you're not happy with the results and get on things right away for Jan and Feb, it's not too late for a simple marketing push.

All small businesses should be marketing hard leading up to what is typically the seasonal drops to smooth out the rollercoaster. Find a formula that works for you and run with it as often as you can.

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