Friday, December 16, 2005

Performance Architecture

Performance architecture is simply how well your company performs and what you have in place to measure that performance. It's also the protocol's you have in place to manage change, all companies change in some way over time. Some more drastically than others based on a number of variables. Fusedlogic is really focusing on evolving a company based on performance architecture. Every company should measure how and whether it's winning or losing the war.

The exciting thing about performance architecture is that once you set it up properly it really demonstrates and acts as the beating heart of the business. Our systems acts as a diagnostic tool to tell everyone that the company is getting sick before the sickness becomes too wide spread. In addition, it helps to specifically identify the exact reason and cause of the ailment so that it hopefully doesn't return. When translated into dollars and cents, this system is invaluable and that's why we're so focused on performance architecture and why you should be too.

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