Monday, May 01, 2006

boycott exxon...

ok, so coordination to not buy fuel on one day is a lame plan and it didn't work. so how about just boycotting esso and petrocan forever. cut up those goofy points cards after you drain them and then never go back.

let's start a PRICE WAR of our own. don't stop buying gas completely, just stop buying from esso and petrocan and once their volumes drop enough, lower prices will follow to entice us back, all other gas retailers will follow suit. also, reduce your consumption a quarter tank or more if you can a week, look for ways to use less by planning more of your driving, and when buying fuel only purchase half a tank, rather than fill up all the time.

the market drives the price, not exxon, take the power back.

in addition, start writing your congressman, senator, mp, all politicians that have they're hands in the tax jar and help them understand that enough is enough. being taxed ontop of tax is always ridiculous but even more so at these retarded gas prices.

exxon, shell and others are absolutely guilty of closing down refineries in the u.s. so that they can manipulate the amount of refining capacity which drives up prices. remember that, these guys are absolute rip-off artists.

so take your 1 million esso or petro points go get your chocolate bar with them and then cut up the card at the counter letting them know you'll never be back because they're prices are too high.

cut the cards, cut the cards, cut the cards......

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