Thursday, April 20, 2006

step up and be bold...

when faced with a life changing opportunity that requires taking a risk...what happens? many turn and run, a few step up.

what do you do? where does your fear reside? how must does fear control your business mind?

too many allow fear of failure to control and restrict their accomplishments. stop it. let loose, if you fail so what, everyone fails at some point, though not always because of pushing limits. playing it safe is a waste of the gift you've been given. take more risks, engage the world, people may hate you, they may love you, what's important is how you view your life when you look back. be proud and don't waste a minute of it worrying about or trying to avoid failure. all great business people fail, because they're constantly pushing limits and boundaries.

the key for me is to learn and not make the same mistake twice and have more wins than losses. too many companies steer away from greatness rather than focus on it. seize greatness. be amazing at what you do and make sure the customer is completely amazed by what you're doing.

let your staff be great, give them support in being great. your corporate culture should be about seizing greatness.

as an employee make seizing greatness your internal politics rather than job survival mode. good isn't good enough. great and freaking amazing is now the level you operate at. all those slackers out there will be upset at you...they'll call you an overachiever - exactly. internally you can feel sorry for those losers because you're on a different path and boy is it cool. separate yourself by being outstanding. promotions await those who do the job so well management looks at them as completely under utilized and moves them up. Be bold and if you can't be bold in the organization you're in then leave it to be bold somewhere else.

how great can the job be if all you do is duck your head and play it safe, while you avoid raising your hand at the back of the class. this is a talent economy, the power is in the talent not the corporation.

when an opportunity for greatness comes your way - SEIZE IT!

people still need to be reminded to do this sometimes...and a few meetings over the last week has brought this thought to light.

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