Wednesday, April 05, 2006


often in life we are forced to deal with people who refuse to hold themselves accountable.

i'm not one of them, and my clients i believe respect that about me and my firm. i'm by no means perfect, after all, i'm human. how we deal with mistakes or the perception of a mistake says alot about our character as a person and as a business.

for example: in your opinion, if a company you have employed to perform a task or was asked to supply a product to you and they fail to do so as agreed, what would you expect them to do if anything to address the problem?

I recently orded a hundred pens of the more expensive variety from a local promotional items company located in my area of Sherwood Park and they were shipped to me with many of them being dry - they didn't work right out of the box. I unfortunately didn't find out the extent of this problem until after having sent out approximately 60 pens, they started coming back to me and people made comments about being given a faulty or bad pen.

in your opinion, do you think this has in any way affected my corporate brand? why or why not?

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