Wednesday, April 12, 2006

non-disruptive disruption........

the concept of disruption, at least how my simple mind understands it, is to promote change, creativity, innovation and passion for pushing limits. (again, the most simpliest of definitions)

does purchasing a piece of innovation management software push you into the category of "disruptive?" maybe, if you were so boring and uninspired before that this brilliant IT strategy was a revelation among your ranks. maybe, if by "disruptive" you mean a slightly elevated voice at the kitchen table during dinner time.

disruption has become so common place that even dilbert has taken his shots at the concept. is it really common place? or have just a small segment picked up on the bandwagon? how many corporate executives use the word at all in their daily lives?

when you consider that droves of mediocre mid-level managers are being replaced by software implementations and automated processes and will soon be blogging about how unfair it all is and how they didn't see it coming.

well, if you don't see it coming then boys and girls you deserve it.

my answer to my previous question is NO, purchasing innovation management software does not qualify you are truly disruptive. understanding that you work or operate a dinosaur, like sears is the first step, then create a culture of change and innovation, only then can software tools which help you organize your thoughts and ideas into usable and actionable items that produce revenue have a suitable role.

sidebar: i don't believe there's enough disruption in the universe to help sears, no amount of seemingly donated furnishings on television will do it. at the end of the day, sears and companies just like it are missing the boat and others will out perform them and destroy them. i believe the real disruption revolution hasn't yet begun, despite the ramblings of dilbert and dilbert-like bloggers out there...more to come on this topic....down with corporate dino's.

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