Monday, April 10, 2006

passion like richard...

many people in business today would say they have passion for what they're doing. however, when you sit and discuss passion at length with them, the boundaries of their passion become rapidly evident, almost the central focus.

do we need some type of boundary? sure, but not as close to the centre as you might think, and not as stringent as you would like either. i look to align my firm with projects and people who have already demonstrated that their passion boundaries are further a field than most, and yet they still have a way to go. why? because i've virtually eliminated my boundaries for passion regarding my business and our clients, they're well beyond most other's comfort zones. for a business relationship to form strong ties, there has to be a working appreciation for the really passionate business journey that's about to start.

that's where we as an organization must position ourselves in order to be amazing and extremely effective. we leave others to their business planning projects, instead, we look for the toughest challenges we can find, and the most passionate people to work with. changing how education is delivered, influencing how certain market segments learn about being an entrepreneur, green energy, broadband in new ways and new areas, we focus on world changing projects and you need incredible passion to accomplish work in these areas. evolving business by pushing boundaries is what we're all about.

ask yourself, just how passionate you consider yourself to be about what you do every day. what if you let go of the restrictions, how would this invigorate and affect your corporate culture? energizing your corporate culture can lead to terrific new accomplishments.

do yourself a favor and hold a competition within your office, have everyone count the number of times the word "can't" is used. more often than not, that word limits everything from revenue to innovation and everything in between. are you the "can't" company?

stop using "can't" as an excuse to fail. start being more passionate about the word "how." how can we push further, reach higher......

do you have a passionate corporate culture?

how often do you laugh? what about your staff?
is creativity a core skill for you and your team?
is work defined as an incredible experience for your customer? shouldn't it be?
is energy abundant or in short supply?
what is your fuel?

organizations that don't restrict passion in their people ultimately will win more. let your staff exude passion. let them run with inspiration, innovation should thrive and that leads to marketshare increases; once you figure out how to channel that new found passion, the sky's the limit.

you may someday soon be asking yourself, so why does the sky have to be the limit? now you're thinking passionately like richard branson and how can that be a bad thing....

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