Tuesday, April 11, 2006

on a mission...

i hear all sorts of different responses when i explain that fusedlogic is on a mission to take on the toughest challenges possible, and of those, we prefer ones that will change the world.

some sneer, some laugh outright, other's go hmmmm as they attempt to figure out a challenge that might stump our organization but the majority just stare back with this blank stare not sure what to say or how to react. when your day is spent selling a commodity, for example, maybe you're a web-developer, a financial planner, insurance salesperson or even a real estate agent, you have a tough time relating to "change the world." that of course is precisely why they're not our target client at all.

progress: amazingly and also expectedly, we're finding what we're looking for, highly cool large scope projects that have tremendous potential to change the world with an innovative approach and a lot of creativity.

the key: we're focusing on our strengths, and continuing to eliminate all those opportunities that are frankly, a distraction from changing the world around us on a mass scale. anything else interesting to us is filtered through our xcelerator program for small business and that has some specific engagement parameters attached, if it doesn't fit there - than we pass altogether.

fun times; there is a client we've had for sometime and he's almost certainly on to a product that might just revolutionize the way the oil industry does part of it's business. (sorry confidentiality prohibits me from expanding on what exactly we're talking about) However, this product could be a killer app on the production side of things. CHALLENGE: this little company may have a tiger by the tail and is ill equipped to take it global. enivro-friendly, increased production, low-cost, everything oil companies dream of.

time to create the plan for world domination, now before you get any ideas for another bond film script, keep your keyboard in neutral. there isn't any corporate espionage planned here, or market manipulation, just straight forward "honest" capitalism and commerce - once some tests are complete and the good news is confirmed that is and that should happen next week.

however, one very large oil company is on board regardless. so the mission is get this product in the hands of as many oil companies on the planet as possible starting with a two person operation without getting eaten alive. sounds like fun and we can change the world for the better in numerous ways just with this one project alone. life is pretty spectacular.

i won't bore you with all the details of negotiating deals for this product and the time, effort and resources required to make it happen. the commercialzation process is part of the super fun part, that's a strength of ours for sure.

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