Thursday, July 27, 2006

the consumer brain...

so tell me...just how well do you understand the brain of your consumer?

any idea how they interpret and make meaning of your product or service, company, people, overall experience?

it's been said many times that logical thinking may help consumers understand what you're selling but emotion is what moves them to buy. so if that's the case, how much time do you spend on evoking an emotional response regarding your product or service?

here's an idea that may help provide you with better overall results. become a student of the consumer brain and more importantly become incredibly well informed as to how your customers "consume life" order to better understand where your product or service fits in.

quite frankly my idea of "evoking" is more like "provoking" an emotional response, you see i'm sort of an in your face (still nice and giving guy) but nonetheless in your face "type a" personality and so i tend to provoke responses, this can be positive and negative, but at least i'm getting a response rather than being ignored. for my business to succeed i must help people understand what's below the surface at fusedlogic, what's at the heart of who we are, what we do and why we do it; matching that up with the goals, aspirations and vision of our clients is crucial. once they realize that we fight harder than anyone else for what they need, believe in, and envision as success they simply can't afford to not have us in the room working for their team.

the question for fusedlogic becomes what method of communication do we use to get them to understand how and why they should consume our service. only after we understand what our consumer's brain is thinking will we know the answer to that.

people and our clients in particular, like to associate with winners or companies they believe will help them win big and more often. that's what we do. we provide strategies that enable our clients to win big and win more often and we're relentless in our pursuit of the absolute best solution for our clients.

you see that's typically what our consumer's brain tells us, "we want to win." "we want to change our results and we need your help to do it." "we need someone to work exhaustively at making us better at what we do."

when "consuming life" and we're not in the room, our consumer's brain can sometimes be scratching itself looking for solutions, ideas and inspiration - often too close to the situation to be objective. understanding that, allows us to, on behalf of our clients...eliminate that frustration, wasting of time and resources, to which they are very appreciative.

so start a crusade...focus on a deeper understanding of your consumer's brain, observe them consuming life when not using your product or service, get out of the office or shop, be creative, ask, listen, capture all the results of your research and then adapt your process to fit the new data...

thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you thought this was helpful...

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