Tuesday, July 11, 2006

mentorship could be key with gen-y...

the word is out on generation y. retention in the "talent economy" is job one and many companies have yet to figure out how to get in the head of what many call the "entitlement generation."

turnover is at an all time ridiculous high, it suddenly became ok to be seemingly unreliable in terms of your work history. fresh out of school and still wet behind the ears the consensus is, here comes easy street. gimme, gimme, gimme or i'm gone is the mantra of so many recent grads, these guys have to be pleaded with just to have them show up for a work shift on a regular basis, as was the story from someone i talked to the other day.

without going into all the parenting issues i believe that are partially to blame for this epidemic of "jump shippers" ....i refer now to the whole self-esteem movement where kids get trophies for breathing and figuring out how to tie their own shoes at age ten. i suggest maybe expecting more of our kids in terms of effort, commitment and serious accomplishment before the acclaim and fan fare come rushing in. as it was for most gen-xer's or the even less forgiving baby boomers....without going into all of that...i do believe there is something positive to extract from this dilemma. however, i still reserve the right to shake my head at grade eight graduations...

as is usually the case when the scales are tipped overwhelmingly one way or another the market must shift. i came across this la times article and i think it provides some decent insight and solutions to this annoying, expensive problem that is without question here to stay.

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