Sunday, February 04, 2007

superbowl forty-one...

prediction: indy wins by 14.

what i'd like to see is the chicago bears win by a field goal on the last drive...i guess because chicago stinks at all professional sports in my opinion, they could use a win...the bulls haven't been the same since jordan left, the blackhawks...well they haven't been a serious contender since makita, the cubs, whitesox and bears all mediocre or worse year to year...if i live in chicago, i'd go absolutely crazy with a win've got to hand it to the sports fans of chicago...they're fiercely loyal...definitely something i admire.

in reality no one thinks grossman's got the juice to pull it off. i say maybe he rises above the predictions...along with the rest of the team and they put on a clinic. somedays it's like magic and nothing can go wrong, it's their day...stranger things have happened when all cylinders are firing...

in sports as in business ----- it's all mental. if you're head and heart aren't in it...everyone knows it's all over. it's amazing to me though how many business owners go through their daily lives completely unbalanced and don't realize it. too much logic not enough heart, too much heart and not enough common sense. huge imbalance makes for a poor business recipe...and even worse results.

well anyway, go chicago! here's to the underdog!

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