Sunday, September 16, 2007

do they "want" to buy it?

i apologize in advance this is going to get a bit scattered this morning...i've got all sorts of Sunday chores to do but feel like blogging so i haven't really thought my thoughts through...instead i'm going to act like a software company and launch the beta then come back and edit later...all the while i'll let you experience the transformation IF i actually feel motivated to come back and change anything later...

are you building a product or delivering a service that people actually "want" to buy because it flawlessly understands the market? or are your customers simply putting up with the trash your pushing for lack of a better solution? are they frustrated with the fact that you don't listen to them?

some in the software game have the right focus and more importantly, philosophy - (I give you 37 signals) and some in fact could care less (that list is too long for today's rant), others still are simply stupid and you know the rule..."you can't fix stupid". (this is the longest list in my opinion, unfortunately.)

for a long time many in the software industry (the honest ones) have said "humans actually suck at building software" ...maybe they're asking the wrong questions in the focus group, i don't agree with focus groups as a general rule anyway...they're based on a flawed process...

(want to know if you've got a winner? when people are standing in line at the pre-sale stage because they helped design and build it by contributing openly.

go beyond the few meetings your having now and try sending your programmers on a field trip, i...the more introverted pop-swilling geeks out of their cubicles and smelling the streets the better i can think of it as another opportunity to use twitter.

Guy Kawasaki calls them "bozos".

so if you think you and/or your web development firm, software development firm, application development team rocks and truly understands your customer's world, i'd like to hear from you...identify yourself and let everyone know how you understand them and how your product or service actually puts dollars in their pocket at the end of the experience GUARANTEED...which should be the beginning of the experience.

ELIMINATE THE BOZOS from software and web design...we small business owners want results.

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