Thursday, September 13, 2007

my mom on facebook???

ok, let's set the stage. my mom is a fantastic lady and she really means well when it comes to her computer, the internet and technology in general. she took a couple courses on how to use windows and navigation the internet. she recently set-up and installed an all in one printer and wireless mouse...she's cooking right along.

then yesterday my wife tells me that my mom has joined facebook and made contact with a friend from the old days...i know this friend of hers and so that's really cool...

however, the point of this entry is not to boast about my mom although that is a very worthwhile thing to do, rather it's to illustrate the growth in appeal and reach of mom is definitely part of the low and slow adoption rate group of the longtail, and so facebook is proving to be a major player in the social networking arena.

well anyway don't be surprised if some day soon i'm linking to my mom's blog on birds or something...

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