Saturday, December 15, 2007

dell has the guts to see it through...

i was cruising by and came across a video post regarding dell's blog and social networking strategy. i commented on the fact that i don't believe the story to be that unique, many large companies have experienced a loss of direction and fallen out of touch with their customers which has adversely affected their bottom-line (example below).

however, dell is probably unique in the sense that they had the guts to follow through with the strategy properly through the bad and the good. by the way, it should be noted that i've been to dell's Canadian hq when conducting business with them and found the people i was doing business with very friendly and ethical, unlike the experience this guy had some time ago, actually i found a lot of these types of blog posts...

one final note, i have in the past purchased a dell machine, an inspiron was my first laptop, i have not went back to them because of a few reasons but mostly because i have a client Alan Wong, owner of honor computer systems who sells computers locally and i choose to support him whenever possible.

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JohnP@Dell said...

Hi Walter,

As a member of Dell's digital media team, thanks for noticing our social media efforts. To borrow a cliche, it's a journey and not a destination. For sure our social media programs have made us better listeners, and we're integrating that into our culture as quickly as we can. But we also know that listening is just the first step. We're also learning from our customers, and acting -- things like empowering employees to do what is right for the customer and delivering products and services they deem valuable.

Every day validates that it's a course worth staying.