Monday, May 19, 2008

DemoCamp Edmonton

Well I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening. In the late afternoon I'm doing a short presentation at the Business Link and then I'm off to DemoCamp Edmonton at the Billiard Club.

Here's the list of attendees, some I know, most I don't and I'm excited to meet and see everyone...There's quite a nice sized group of local tech enthusiasts showing up by the looks of it. Now showing up means that I'll miss story time with my daughter and that's tough to take but hopefully she and her co-pilot Mickey Mouse still learn to fly without me...

Name Email Web
Cam Linke
Reg Cheramy
Mack Male
Aaron Lambie
Don Riep
Derek Ball
Dayton Foster
Jack Newton
Michael Best
Shawn Murphy
Eric Warnke
Lea Alcantara
Walter Schwabe
Sean Healy
Lino Ramirez ramirez AT aranducorp DOT com
Boris Djordjevic
Sarah Blue
Peter Urban peter at smibs dot com
Mark Bennett
James Matsuba
Anh Nguyen
Kevin Jewell
George Watts
Will Zaichkowski
Craig Hicks
Mike Totman barcamp AT mike DOT totman DOT ca
Dale Hagglund
Branden Shortt branden AT cellphones dot ca
Jock Mardres
Wade Muri wade DOT muri AT gov DOT ab DOT ca
Kyle Fox at gmail
John Bristowe
Jarett Hailes jarett period hailes a gmail period com
Jon Smelquist jon DOT smelquist AT gmail DOT com
Alain Saffel
Adam Wolfe Gordon
Spencer Ord
Scott Francis Winder
Brant Coghlan
Ken Gordon
Your Name

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