Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Premier's Big ICT Announcement Tomorrow

I've been invited to attend a big announcement by Alberta's Premier Ed Stelmach along with the Minister of Advanced Education and Technology Doug Horner, (whom I've met with not long ago) tomorrow. The area of focus is ICT. Specifically, in the diversification of our economy to involve and support the ICT sector. Many in the Alberta tech sector have been waiting for this announcement for years and finally there'll be something to hang our hat on collectively. (I hope)

This is pure speculation (well ok maybe a little birdy suggested something very vague to lead me a tiny bit...) but I'm predicting that the announcement will have something to do with attracting venture capital, possibly even some sort of new fund to take the lead in that regard. Also, I suspect that looking to the future there will be a need to cultivate this sector long term so some sort of element related to that in the area of education seems reasonable.

Anyway, look for tweets during the event and also a full run down here after the fact. I'm going to try to take some video too so look for youtube clips too if possible...

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Perry Kinkaide said...

You done got this mostly right Walter...but the announcement was broader than ICT, including support for commercializing technologies in all forms. That is the best news of all...vouchers, funds and tax credits. Can it get any better? Well stay tuned, because on Friday ABCtech is bringing Robert Cook into town to present on the relevance of the new Canadian stock exchange - the CNQ - to streamlining support for early-stage, technology-based enterprises in western Canad: 7:30 at the Ranchmna in Calgary and 4:30 at the Glenora in Edmonton...and back-to-back (7:30am at the Glenora in Edmonton and 4:30pm at the Petroleum Club in Calgary ) will be a presentation on the status of Rural Broadband.

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