Sunday, June 22, 2008

Targeted traffic is the key...

I get lots of emails asking me how to improve website or blog traffic. You see most translate increased general traffic with increased sales. Unfortunately, it often doesn't exactly work out that way. To be truly effective, your company or organization should ask the question "Why do we want increased traffic?"

The precise answer to this question will help you better define your traffic generating activities. Once that is determined you'll want to identify the key influencers within that target group or demographic. These are typically the blogs, social networking groups, websites who others look to gather information from.

Another great way to identify influencers is on Twitter. This is just one example of being able to observe conversations with folks who may be talking about things related to your market space. They will also most likely provide you with insights that can be helpful to improving your knowledge base on emerging trends keeping you ahead of your competition. Use twitter as a tool to build your level of understanding regarding targeted traffic, it's what I suggest to all our clients.

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Internet Marketing Tips said...

Yes, targeted traffic is key, not just any traffic.

The more targeted your traffic is, the better chance you have of making the sale.

Conversions are much higher as well, in terms of CTR and even opt ins.

I just started using Twitter not too long ago, and while very simple to use and seemingly almost useless, it is worth it.

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