Sunday, January 22, 2006

$1000.00 solution

Fusedlogic is in a great position, we're able to offer new clients the $1000.00 solution. We're agreeing to solve any business related problem the business owner has and all they have to pay is $1000.00 +taxes of course.

There are some simple restrictions but mostly just to weed out the goofballs. The other exciting thing for the client is that IF we fail, we're going to refund 100% of the money back to them. They can't lose.

This is a way for me to allow the really interesting small businesses to be able to play ball with us and to get a leg up with large value attached. Sometimes all it takes is that one really rare idea to kick the business into over drive. That's something we're really good at.

I've also decided to do this because I want to grow our own company and this is a way for me to be aggressive in the marketplace. Besides if the business can't afford a $1000.00 bucks than there's likely more than one solution required to fix it.

This is going to be a whole lot of fun projects I can tell already. Stay tuned as I'll discuss some of them here in the coming weeks.

Oh and watch for the new site at the launch date is getting closer...just around the corner in fact.

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