Thursday, January 05, 2006

Website Development...

This topic comes from the fact that we're currently in a re-development process with our site and are working with a company who specializes in not only web development but business application development and even more specifically Content Management Systems.

Mediashaker has developed a very cool, highly useful CMS and I've seen my fair share of lousy offerings in this space. This will be the first time Fusedlogic employs such a program to keep our content fresh and up to date by ourselves. When planning the redesign I found it really valuable to consider not only what Fusedlogic's needs were today but phase 2 and even 3. Planning ahead can really save time, effort and resources at the upgrade time. Mediashaker has been instrumental in keeping the project on track and really maintaining the spirit of what our site is designed to do. Which is educate and generate interest in our "Performance Architecture" program or the Fusedlogic Command Centre as you'll come to know it soon. We're very excited about this new product direction and we know that once our clients fully appreciate its power they'll be really excited as well.

The website will be a crucial link in the communication of the Command Centre's capabilities and in fact will be an access point for clients as well.

Stay tuned, development is going well and we're close to a launch date....

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