Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It's the difference between doing $100,000.00 and $1,000,000.00. Many business people have a limited and in some cases an unfortunate perception of the marketplace and because of that it impedes their ability to truly capitalize on serious opportunity.

Ask someone like my grandfather what he did for a living and you'd usually get straight forward response. "I drive a garbage truck." However, after taking a serious look at the actual results of his work, he in his day maybe not as much but today these folks like to call themselves Waste Management Engineers. Perception can make a huge difference on how you attract and who you attract to your business. Many people may call us business or management consultants, the title on my card states "Chief Evolution Officer."

I believe that our clients in order to be more successful must EVOLVE. Some call it a type of emotional personal growth, or change and I think that's fair but I like to quantify the big picture as evolution. Peering deep within to analyze why we perform at business the way we do, leveraging and adding to the intrinsic strengths found and unleashing amazing hidden potential. This change in self-perception can happen with the CEO or the whole organization. They might drive a truck that hauls garbage away but what they're really doing is assisting with the environment through recycling, providing the reworked building blocks for new products.

My grandfather when he was alive used to be a Waste Management Engineer, although when I was a kid he just used to tell me he drove a garabage truck. I never really new what that meant to the world at the time but its the unsung people like my grandfather who keep this world turning. I guess you'd call that my perception on the subject.

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