Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Many business owners handle adversity in different ways. Some travel right into the fire with all the courage of a 1000 person army and others sit and do nothing or look for reasons as to why they couldn't, shouldn't and wouldn't.

I've sent out a challenge to my local business community. I've had inquiries and people are starting to warm up to the challenge. We'll see who comes forward. People want the cash, in this case the goal is $1 million. They're just not sure if they can really get it done. They're skeptical, reserved, and that's just fine. In every crowd there are those ready to take the first step ahead of others, ready to put themselves on the line.

Adversity in the form of a challenge really will show all of us what we're made of....I fully intend that Fusedlogic will not only reach that goal in 2006 but surpass it in dramatic style.

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