Friday, February 03, 2006

Finally.....The Million Dollar Challenge is here.

After 3 years of research and development the Fusedlogic Million Dollar Challenge is ready for the business public.

The program will be unique to say the least. Not to mention so jammed packed full of life changing exercises, strategies, mind sets all with the intent of making the retention as sticky as possible. This isn't some game show this is real blood, sweat, and tears. Why don't most focus on specifically making a Million dollars in less than a year, when the previous year was $40K? Because people usually don't have a clue as to where to start and they first get overwhelmed, then dejected. Nothing materializes in many cases. Their mindset is wrong, their belief system and perspective not to mention execution all point towards $42K. They don't even think that generating a Million dollars is even possible except for the lottery. For most they're absolutely right, it's not going to happen. Unwilling to change, adapt, learn and apply themselves in a way that attracts Million dollar opportunities. At fusedlogic, our culture is based on Visualize, Believe in, and Seize Greatness. We know we can and more.

Not wanting to repeat what I feel is the failure of other programs in terms of lasting effect, poor long-term results, we've made sure there is strong accountability features within the system. Extraordinary results is what driving at. The kind they write stories, movies and songs about. There's only 10 chairs in the room so there may be some unhappy people, at least those who are slow on the up take regarding registering anyway. I'll keep you posted...

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