Monday, November 21, 2005

Changed with a single thought...

On a sunny November afternoon, I was packing up for our move and I had a moment of clarity and really it was a reminder of why I do what I do. Everyone has internal struggles, everyone has issues of some sort; the difference is how one deals with those things that present themselves as disruptive to everyday happiness. Taking action is the difference.
Let’s put this thought into context as it relates to being a business owner. Almost every potential client I meet is open to receiving “free” advice. Why? Because we all have struggles, most clients try not to let on as if they do for they might actually look lost in front of me, in front of staff or their clients. Heaven knows that would demonstrate clear justification for an engagement and contract in order to fix the problem and they might have to spend money. No one wants to put resources at risk when running a small business without at least an idea or even better a guarantee of a return. Money and time are always in short supply and oddly enough that’s our topic, so here’s why money and time are so tough to come by.
I’m always looking for that one sentence. The sentence to cut right to the heart of the matter when meeting a new client that’s tailored to their personality, possibly one of my own internal struggles. I’ve been blessed with a great vision of the business battlefield and so there are always a lot of great ideas and timely thoughts that rush through my head when meeting with clients many of these I feel have serious merit and could mean a positive outcome for you and your business.
Let me give you an example of how this typically happens. I was meeting with a potential client the other day and he was explaining as part of his growth plan he wanted to bring in a partner. A 50/50 split right down the middle and I had identified a potentially serious issue. No way to break a tie. What if both partners do not agree, then what? He hadn’t thought about that possibility, he naturally assumed since they both got along so well that situation would never arise. Wrong! So I had suggested that he have a conflict resolution clause drawn up for his shareholders agreement. This one thought probably saved him potential loss of money, time and possibly a friend.
I pulled this from my own personal experience involving a past ownership position and it’s an example of how Fusedlogic can help many after only just meeting them. That single thought could have changed the destiny of his company and that’s what I love about what Fusedlogic does.
Essentially, I describe Fusedlogic as an idea’s company; that can be vague for some so I also call us a business consultancy. At the heart of every great business is a series of principals that started out as ideas of what could be and this is where we work. Being an idea engine is the largest difference between us and our clients. You have been working on deriving a living from your business AND Fusedlogic has been thinking of ways for your business to take a quantum leap forward. Often with a short introduction to your business and your team we’re able to see things very clearly.
The best way to describe why any business owner should become part of the Fusedlogic Nation is because every day you don’t, I believe you lose a huge percentage of the amount you could have earned. That’s a bold statement I know, but true for most situations.
Let’s see if this rings true for you, first the majority of clients Fusedlogic works with have been spending almost all of their time working IN the business and they would still consider themselves successful, and in general they certainly are successful. Fact is as a savvy business owner you have known for years that you should be working ON the business and that it’s an integral key to growth and long-term success. Somehow though it just doesn’t happen, call it paying the bills, not enough hours in a day, short staffed, whatever your reason or excuse, it doesn’t happen. Working IN the business is where you stay for months and years on end, eventually you lose all perspective. I’ve lost count of how many times a client will say to me, “Oh I know I should be doing that.” Yet no execution.
YOU’RE STUCK! And it’s time to admit that you’re stuck. This is all relative to your situation; I don’t care if you’re making millions per year right now.

You’re stuck and losing money not to mention probably working like a dog too, is that your idea of fun? Even if you’re not making millions, you’re still working like a dog and that’s even worse. Isn’t it time to get UNSTUCK?
Getting UNSTUCK is simple. First, swallow your pride, it’s costing you money and admit you’re stuck. Once you’ve had that honest conversation with yourself, commit to change. The principals, concepts and idea’s are ready to go for you to start reaping the “true” benefit of running your own business – happiness and even more success! It really is as easy as a phone call or email, call Fusedlogic today to become the newest member of the Fusedlogic Nation. Don’t waste another day.
Missed opportunity isn’t really missed, it’s taken by someone else. - Unknown

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