Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembrance Day

Canadians always need to remember that the reason we have such freedom is because of the sacrifice our veterans made and make everday, their legacy is incredible. Too bad our Liberal Government is so screwed up that our veterans, (except for those who paid the ultimate price and left families without a loved one) have to live in such poverty because the government won't wake up and pay the families what is justly deserved. Pay our Veterans the pension they deserve, I'm certain that the majority of you as politicians are not tortured daily with memories of the horrors of the second world war. Wake up Liberals! It's OK to burn $2 Billion of our taxes on the Gun Regsitry, $350 Million on Adscam, countless other millions in government waste, force Canadians to drink contaminated water until they get deathly ill and then at the last minute fly them to safety only after this crime of neglect hits the news wires, reduce our armed forces to a status of readiness that is so poor it's a joke in the minds of all military personnel (yet they continue to go into harms way despite your incompetence) BUT pay veterans fairly for their service to their country, forget it, there's no profit in it, right Liberal Government?

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