Saturday, November 05, 2005

Let's talk Lovemarks

So here's a list of a few of my Lovemarks:
Chevrolet, Edmonton Oilers, Pilot Fineliners, Atomic Skis, Mr. Incredible, Spiderman, Business2.0, Tim Horton's there's more to be sure. The point of all this is to communicate about brands that have, in your mind reached another level with respect to your loyalty to them. For many people Apple is the clear choice by a country mile over MS....I haven't as yet converted to the fruit company but that doesn't mean they're not a Lovemark, believe me they are and with very good reason. In fact, one could say that the most devoted consumer group on the planet is the Apple consumer group, although that wasn't always the case.

Imagine if your company or brand was able to transcend your competition with that kind of power and customer loyalty beyond reason.

We at Fusedlogic have been developing theories on how small business can do exactly that. In fact, deep in the dungeons of our secret workshop our team is busy at this very moment building some special things related to Lovemarks. Stay tuned!

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