Saturday, November 05, 2005

The new site...

Well finally after way too much time passed, the site is under redevelopment. is being transformed by, history to the old content and navigation and hello to free business video content...I've started a series of new helpful tip videos for small business and they'll be housed on the new site. I can't stand under construction pages, so instead I'll let you review the old content for a few more days while we work hard behind the scenes to impress you. I'm positive that everyone will rant and rave about the new site and that it will be THE goto resource for small business help. Well, actually, I'd be happy with a couple hundred new hits a day and a new client a week. At that pace I could still spend plenty of time with my family. I'm looking to hire new marketing staff as well as business development people, the MBA's of the world are easier to find and I already have an army of those when I need them which I rarely do.

Instead, I like to enlist the help of other smart people such as scientists of all sorts, doctors of various disciplines and really connected joes that I'm aware of. All for the purposes of getting your company to the next level. Keith Yamashita of Stone Yamashita Partners says the process is like "getting unstuck", I agree.

By the way, I also subscribe to the idea of Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi and Saatchi. Very cool concept, I love the vibe....not only that I like the boldness of it. Just using the word Love in a business context seems risky to me. In fact, my clients look at me cross eyed at first but then they get it, they get it. Attaining Lovemark status is a goal of mine as it relates to Fusedlogic. I'm sure it will be quite a journey. Check it out here.

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