Monday, March 06, 2006

A critical mission...

Business should be about exploration. Exploration of your soul, your humanity and improving the lives of those around you. I don't care what type of business you run, show some conviction to improving the planet and people around you.

Stop thinking small and realize you and you're business are only insignificant if that's how you position them in your mind. It doesn't have to be that way. The globe is your battlefield against evil, the hearts and souls of your customers are at stake.

You have forgotten what it's like to truly make a difference, I see it in your eyes.

CHANGE NOW: Everytime you sell a flower, you impact and enrich a spirit. Everytime you sell fuel, you allow customers to get to their families easier, everytime you deliver a meal to a table, you're helping to create fond memories of friends and family together, a new business deal, a celebration of life itself. Anything less is a commodity and a waste of time and effort. Operate your business as if it is a critical mission. Create the most unique customer experience you possibly can.

Ohhh I'm sorry, am I boring you? You've heard this all before right?


You know nothing!

Go run and hide in your boring existence, don't come back until you're ready to elevate yourself to the next level. Lucky for you there are all sorts of excuses to keep you heading down that dead-end road, feel free and pick any one of them you like, make sure you repeat it to yourself as many times as is necessary until you start actually believing it - which shouldn't take much. It's too much work to change, too expensive, too risky, too idealistic, I'm unsure how to proceed....blah, blah, blah. You're the business case for how to waste an incredible gift....talent, intelligence, being alive and being an entrepreneur are the gifts you're wasting.

Many will continue to live these negative and restrictive statements because it's safe, others, maybe only one of you will want to take action. Good for you - do it, make it your highest priority. Can you feel the energy? All of sudden life has........purpose. Imagine that. Purpose with laser like focus and imagination can be unstoppable.

Live it everyday and then come and chat about your experiences, otherwise beat it, you simply aren't ready for the big leagues, such a shame to be so talented and yet stuck in the minors. Although, I guess if you were really talented you'd figure out a way to make it happen...

I have the best job in the world, I'm doing precisely what it is I was designed to do.... help clients find their way to becoming unstuck and find the other 80% of business and life they're missing.


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