Saturday, March 25, 2006

picking on big companies...

i've been picking on large companies of late and for good reason. despite the fact that large businesses have a tremendous amount to offer the marketplace. they move too slow, they cling to old practices and they can't help but stumble all over themselves. words like cool, strange, free wheelin ventures are too dramatic, too wild card, too risky.

also, i feel there's a difference between wealth and graceful wealth. operating with honor and being solely motivated by greed, trampling all over the customer. time to break new ground, break the mould, change may not be enough. making mistakes is where it's at.

when skiing or snowboarding you can always tell the ones who are pushing their limits, they're the ones falling down. pretty soon they don't fall over as much, so they look for a steeper pitch and then a high cliff to jump off of.

time to let loose....push limits, stop looking for incremental advancement and blow the doors off expectations. even small and medium sized businesses could be better at this, they have to be if they really want to grow. large business on the other hand is still much more about moving in inches.

some do get it, and more are getting it everyday. and it's getting easier to identify the ones who don't get it...those guys i will continue to pick on. sears for example.........

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