Friday, March 10, 2006

psychologically archaic organizations...

let's look at the large organization psychological profile. what words would describe it? archaic, slow, bloated, frustrating, stuffy, pitiful, sluggish, strict, hermetic and ridiculously overburdened with process and administration - hopelessly bureaucratic and doomed to fail.

To speak about these issues publicly and bring attention to this ongoing gong show can be treated as heresy. So staff continue to slog away under this fallacy of an open door policy that is really a method of passive aggressively appearing to care, when management is really just using a mechanism for identifying whistle-blowers and complaining staff.

Want to go crazy, work as a public servant. this is an environment where unions allow provide protection for lot's of really excellent people to coexist with losers who get to keep jobs, bully and hold positions they have no business being in, not all public servants fit this category but just enough to bring the organization to a complete hault. they're mostly strategically placed in mid-level management positions. take the Edmonton Public Library for example. rife with losers who hold management positions with NO business management skills whatsoever and in addition operate under the agenda of passive aggressive bullying. in this case the woman i'm thinking of is a poster child for passive aggressive female bullying who reports to another suspect manager who manages a group of employees that love the status quo. the word "change" is used for such really intelligent initiatives as NEW name badges for all employees, a several thousand dollar tax-payer expense no doubt deemed critical to operations.

government and government organizations, this is the perfect lab for how NOT to run an organization based on innovation, accountability, progress and immediate amazing results. let's all set goals that are safe and that will easily allow us to spend our budgets and to be awarded our large tax-payer bonuses under the guise of a job well-done.

how many original Standard and Poor's 500 companies are still around from the beginning in 1957? According to work performed by Dick Foster and Sarah Kaplan of McKinsey - only 74 still exist today - 426 are history and rightfully so.

large organizations as spoken about by Tom Peters, who by the way is a genius, suggests that they should all be blown up and die. only to be replaced by lean, mean fighting machines that operate on the bleeding edge. I COMPLETELY AGREE.

Tom Peters is a guru of massive proportions, go get every book he's ever written and read them a dozen times each in order to save yourselves.

rather than focus on "good management" let's focus on incredible innovation and design management that challenges the status quo.

what's conservative innovation? death to all those companies that believe in it. if you're going to be truly innovative, you've got to go all the way past the edge sometimes.

i owned a t-shirt company with a partner when i was 19 and one of the shirts i designed, was titled "outrageous" and on the back it said simply - "you live on the edge, i live past it!" given my comments above you can plainly see that even at age 19 and as a young business owner i recognized that in order to win you had to push the limits.

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