Thursday, March 23, 2006

down with sears, the dinosaur.....

sears, generally thought of as a decent retail outlet. i call it a dinosaur and i feel it should go the way of all the other dinosaurs...eventually ending up in the gas tank.

here's why:

many large companies do not do enough when a customer complaint comes in, why? we as consumers do not assert ourselves to a point where they take us seriously on a mass scale. oil companies raise prices and if we don't complain they keep the price at the higher level. here's a hint: when the price goes up, complain like crazy to every gas station, oil company you can so that they understand that the next billion dollars made out of market manipulation is unacceptable. don't think they manipulate the market, you're living in a dream world....why do you think they shut down refineries?

sears is of the opinion they're doing a bang up job and that i as the customer should be very pleased that 1. they called me back at all and 2. they're offering me a letter of apology and a gift card. well, i suppose if i valued first myself as a customer as well as the stress, embarrasment, general discomfort that my family felt when i was insulted by they're sub-contract staff member and all the time lost while talking to sears on a call (THEY INITIATED with me looking to take a complaint I wasn't going to place) at $100 dollars, then I guess I would be very pleased they lifted a finger at all. that's not the case for me and i'm sure lots of other consumers.

the problem, is that "penny" at sears "customer service" spent my time apologizing and saying in the same conversation that "there's no way, you'll get any more than $100 from them." "i'd be happy i got a phone call back at all, since many large companies don't even do that," penny also said. "are you saying we should give out $500 dollars to everyone, if we did that we'd be out of business," penny exclaimed.
my reply. "if you're doing so poorly you have to give out that much money....YOU SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS!"

I'm leaving a lot of the conversation out here but not to worry more will be coming....

and much more to come on the issue of how large companies like sears don't really value their customers, it's all about marketing and perception rather than substance. lazy and lousy customer service versus amazing customer service. and how my favorite sentence was used during this call. "that's they way we've always done it." (at sears was her comment)

i'm now committed to making sears my business case example for all of my future speaking engagements, thank-you sears for proving my point about why many large companies are dinosaurs that must parrish.

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