Saturday, March 11, 2006

the soul...

many business owners forget why they're doing what they're doing. either the reason, focus, ambitions or something else has left them, and they turn into a drone.



quit being a "paycheque player" - Jerry Maguire.

i admit i was once exactly that, always looking for the next opportunity to make money and only that.

i stopped being consumed by it, and i have as a person, evolved. further, as a result have now found "it"(money)everywhere and in everything it seems.

this is as powerful as it gets.

if this resonates for you, consider yourself very lucky as i do. and for those of you who think this line of thinking is "OUT THERE," well, you have a ways to go to catch up unfortunately. right now you might just be "listening", not truly "hearing" the message. just like me, several times in my life, i wasn't ready. eventually you'll come to the realization that life truly is mean't to be a mountain more than the utility called money. when it isn't flowing like a river, it's easy to fixate on it, that being said, it's also tough to ignore it's power.

to win you must do exactly that. be immune to its powers.

good luck with your struggle and for those of you for which this was a common place statement, continue to consider yourself amazingly fortunate to have been already privy to this massive gem for as long as you have and continue to cherish it.

i'm not sure why this is on my mind today but it is so here you are.....

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