Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 Critical Web 2.0 Questions ...

I consider myself a moderate "techno-geek/entrepreneur" (someone comfortable with technology and this is probably you too).

However, it's also possible that many reading this are not "uber-geeky" and therefore not up on the latest proven technologies available for your small business; specifically in this case, those technologies related to Web2.0. Of course, even if you are a "techno-geek/entrepreneur" it's nearly impossible to be super familiar with all things massively cool on the Web2.0 tech and apps front. After all, everyone needs to save a minute or two during the day to actually run their businesses and generate revenue right?

That said, regardless of your level of understanding or for that matter enthusiasm re this "MASSIVE Internet revolution" "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and..."ask yourself (4) critical questions regarding your use of technology in your business..."mmmK?"

1. If we leveraged Web 2.0 technology more effectively, could we shift the market and gain a credible advantage?

2. Are "we" number one in our market space in terms of Web 2.0 technological capabilities or levels of appropriate adoption?

3. Are we working to ensure we're positioned as number one two years from now?

4. What consideration if any, have we put towards recognizing innovative ways Web 2.0 can be used to improve how we generate tremendous customer experiences?

5. What role can Web 2.0 play in our business to dramatically strengthen customer loyalty?

Contemplating the above questions may help you to generate new ideas that will help you position yourself away from your competition while simultaneously strengthening your relationships.

I would further recommend engaging your customers in this process, ask about their habits as it relates to Web 2.0 or social networking activities. (Another reason to speak with them in a meaningful way) Are they on Facebook, myspace, LinkedIn, youtube etc...? Correspond this information with your existing demographic data related to your target market to see if there's a match in the making. Pay close attention to women and the baby boomer markets particularly (good advice regardless) and recognize that they ARE adopting these tools at an alarming rate...here is an interesting set of articles by Ray Knight for reference.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Walter . . . it's good to see you blogging on a regular basis. Lot's of businesses go with what works (or at least worked) Web two OH! requires a leap of faith for business. My advice is always to look into the past. What were the early days of TV like? "it's just radio with pictures...nobody has the time to watch...everybody has a radio...it's just a fad...people like to read, not just sit there...' and it can go on and on. You don't need to be a broadcast engineer to take advantage of TV and the same applies to the new web. With the proliferation of cheap computers, ubiquitous broadband networking and boring TV, the new web offers an abundance of entertainment and marketing opportunities. Have faith!


fusedlogic.com said...

Dean, your point re ubiquitous Information and Communication Technology and the increased ability for businesses to access and therefore learn how to leverage today's Internet - Web 2.0 tech effectively is exactly right,...thanks very much for taking the time to come by the blog and for commenting...

seemantini bose said...

Well...it is not that I completely agree to what you said. It is not that hopeless...is it??? At least it has provided you a platform to express your irritation with the Web 2.0 gaga, as you have done so :) ...thanks to blogging !!!

Well...it has always been the same with everything that has been introduced for the first time. Web 2.0 has brought to us numerous things which we never even dreamt of doing !

The rest that you have talked about ...some can be done and some not. But that, I feel, doesn't prove the futility of Web 2.0.

Hope http://maketicklive.com/blogs/ will help you look at Web 2.0 in a different way. Go try it out... !!!

fusedlogic.com said...

seemantini, thanks for stopping by. I don't think anyone is thinking that social networking and Web 2.0 are futile. At least that's certainly not my message I'm with you...lot's of highly cool opportunities to engage in meaningful discussion and business...