Saturday, February 16, 2008

an article on helium...

Too often business people overlook the power of these simple rules.

Stop and ask yourself why? Why did you start this particular business? Was it because it was the only thing that you could afford? You thought you were smarter than the boss? Whatever your reason, if you didn't start by aligning it with your "soul purpose" for being on the planet, chances are you may not achieve "true" success. The kind of success most people only dream about. You may make some money, it may last more than a few years but it would be like eating food that isn't your absolute favorite but happens to fill you up. Even worse, eating food put before you that you can't stand but don't want to offend the person who made it.

Rule #1 - Only start businesses that are true to who you are as a human being, your true purpose in life. Put all other contributing factors secondary.

Rule #2 - Control your inner thoughts to reflect confidence, positive energy and your belief in your ability to be ultra successful.

Rule #3 - Make decisions quickly, procrastination kills a business.

Rule #4 - Give back to the universe. What goes around comes around.

Rule #5 - Utilize experts, the good ones will make all the difference in your abilities and results. They will save you massive amounts of time, money and frustration

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