Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - Who freakin cares????

I received an email today from the guys at Blogrush announcing today's launch of, as their answer to "information overload". They call it a "headline testing machine" in their email, I suppose we'll see about that. My opinion goes as follows. First, I find that the Blogrush app does deliver as promised, it's simple, it works and I use it, more over I believe that everyone who installs it uses it too. This thing is fast becoming highly viral. The same for example cannot be said about I've uninstalled that app.

So based on this company's short history, should deliver as well. At first glance, I believe that everyone of the Blogrush members, myself included are really pumped and very excited about Hopefully there are plans to integrate some cool analytical overlap from Blogrush and TrafficJam to go along with this cool destination.

So to answer the question - Who freakin cares??? I believe the answer will soon be millions of bloggers...way to go guys, I can't wait for the traction to grab - I'm lovin it! - "I Yike it!"

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