Thursday, February 07, 2008

microooo or yahsoft

either way you slice it...i hate the deal.

microsoft's $44 billion dollar bid for yahoo will end up destroying yahoo. true the house that yang and filo built has fallen from grace a bit since google's search algorithm began to vault them to the top in 1998...and yet yahoo i feel, is still a decent company for a lot of reasons.

microsoft will poison this company. microsoft since the days of windows 3.1 hasn't been able to design a truly user friendly piece of software since. win 3.1 wasn't elegant but it was at least disruptive technology.

since then it's been about world domination and positioning of lousy software...

Yahoo will die on the vine an ugly hated death if they accept this deal. the only reason this gets approved is out of "pure 61% per share increase" greed.

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