Friday, February 22, 2008

Traffic is Rocketing, Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Walter Schwabe...

If you've been paying attention to this blog and my company for the past 7-10 days you've noticed a transformation taking place - in fact, you've been a big part of it. 2008 is the year of Global Micro-branding fusedlogic and as we are coming off a record breaking year last year, I've set our mandate to surpass that success. Happy to say we just added another new client today and that completely rocks!

We intend to accomplish the task of generating another RECORD BREAKING YEAR by way of first, creating a strategic plan for fusedlogic that will help us transition from a pure street level business acceleration firm with active project work in many locations throughout Canada, the US and elsewhere around the world, to one that is a hybrid. DONE! Now it's time for ACTION.

Further and without going into great detail here regarding the strategic plan, step two is to convert and move our knowledge capital and assets developed over our nearly (8) year history into consumable formats for purchase by those of you online who would want access to this highly unique and very valuable documentation, stories, brainstorming sessions, case studies, exercises, courses, interviews, etc... That's in progress.

Also as mentioned and in progress is an aggressive global micro-branding campaign for fusedlogic and if you're reading this right now, that's one indication our efforts thus far are beginning to pay off. Thank-you for your attention and time. In the last week we've increased our readership, subscribers also our traffic to the corporate site to be the best ever since we launched it almost (8) years ago, over 110 thousand ad impressions on Facebook, (here's our group - come join) youtube (go watch the whales) traffic steadily climbing, our ranking is climbing when you search for fusedlogic or Walter Schwabe.

Here's why you'll want to subscribe and come back often. As we revamp the corporate fusedlogic site we'll be adding great features and changing the content format a lot. I've always wanted the content to be very consumable and easy to navigate and that will continue, however, look for more video coming your fact, I'll be adding more video everywhere so you'll have to get used to my mug showin up all over the place...I hope to keep all our videos below the (5) minute mark as much as possible to respectful of your time.

Finally, we're growing in terms of people. On our team right now we have writers, designers, programmers, illustrators, project managers, consultants and SEO experts that on occasion will work on a per project basis - this is the fusedlogic DISRUPTOR TEAM you've been hearing me talk so much about the past videos on the blog and elsewhere...these guys rock and if you need to generate more revenue over a short period of time...we may be the answer you've been searching for.

How would you engage us in a monthly coaching or micro-branding project? Well that's easy, as we've added AlertPay to our arsenal and it's cool...all you need is a credit card and an email bango you're golden! We're super excited about being able to share this expertise with you in the effort to drive your success for you like a getaway vehicle at a you may not be ready to engage us in a coaching project today and that's ok, however, we would love to hear you're opinion and that doesn't require any commitment other than a bit more of your time.

Speak up, speak out...speak easy....

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